Helpful Hints & Important Reminders

  • Please feel free to discuss with the director or your child’s teacher anything that will help us understand your child better. The following is a list of helpful hints and important reminders that will help make each day a positvie experience for your child.
    Allow ample preparation time each morning so that your child will not be hurried.
  • Arrive by 8:30 each morning. This allows children the full benefit of learning and participating in the lessons and activities prepared for each class.
  • Be sure your child eats breakfast prior to arriving each morning.
  • Eagerly look at things your child brings home, and proudly display his/her creations in a prominent place.
  • Mark your child’s coat, cap, sweater, lunch, kit, cups, blankets, diaper bag, or any other item your child may bring.
  • Talk with your child about his/her teacher, the other boys and girls, and events of their day.


Our daily schedule is Mon-Fri. 8:00-3:00. 

Early Drop off available @ 7:30

Extended care available - 3:05 pm -5:30 pm

Note: The “Clark” follows the Texarkana Arkansas School Schedule. 


Supply fee due August and January

Fees for Fall 2023 - Summer 2024:

Nursery, Toddlers, 2 year old classes

  • 5 days $495 month/Supplies $90
  • 3 days $380 month/Supplies $70
  • 2 days $265 month/Supplies $60
3 year old Pre-K Class

5 days $468 month/Supplies $90

4 year old Pre-K Class

5 days $468 month/Supplies $90

Extended care rate-Additional charge per day  $7.00 (3:05-5:30)

Call us at 870-779-1923 to schedule a visit.  We look forward to meeting you soon.