Our Steinway Piano

For almost 150 years Steinway has set the world standard for piano quality. The Steinway pianos are both superb musical instruments and durable enough to sus tain years of intensive use with grace. It takes one full year to make a Steinway piano – one year of painstaking, labor-intensive hand-craftsmanship. It is no wonder that Steinway pianos are renowned for their incomparable sound, for their intu itively responsive touch, and for delivering the musical equivalent of perfection – to the point where Steinway pianos are chosen by 90% of the world’s performing concert pianists.

This model, a Music Room Grand Model B, is a design tailored for an auditorium of this size. The encasement is ebonized mahogany and features a full-bodied black, completely hand-rubbed finish. It is 6′ 10-1/2″ long and 58″ wide. The soundboard is created like the soundboard of violins to give a free and even response through out the entire scale. This design permits complete freedom of movement, while acting as a homogenous unit to displace a greater amount of air, thereby creating a richer and more lasting tonal response. The keys are Bavarian spruce, individually weighed-off and reinforced permitting maximum tonal power with every strike.

With nearly 1000 individual details and patented features that set this instrument apart from other pianos, First United Methodist Church is delighted to be able to present performances on such an instrument for all in our community who share a love of music, fine craftsmanship and enduring quality.


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